• Are there accessories available for the window covering products?

    There are accessories available for most of the products, these are available at the Decosol sales locations. 


  • What kind of window coverings does Decosol offer?

    Decosol offers roller blinds, roller venetians, ready made curtains, pleated blinds, roman shades, venetian blinds and vertical blinds. Besides the ready made collection, which you can find in the collection overview, there is also a made to measure collection available. At a Decosol sales location, you can see the made to measure collection. 

  • What colour is the operating mechanism and the possible cassette?

    The operating mechanism and the possible cassette are white. The cassette for a skylight roller blind is grey.

  • What do the symbols on the product packaging mean?


    Screws are not necessary for the assembly of this product.

    Drilling is not necessary for the assembly of this product.

    This product is assembled in less than 10 minutes.

    The width of this product can be shortened. 

    This is the height of the product when it is completely rolled up.

    This is a blackout product.

    This product is translucent.

    You can clean the product with a slightly humid cloth. 

    Child safety accessory is included with this product.









  • Are there also window coverings available for tilt & turn windows?

    There are mulitple window coverings available for tilt & turn windows, including roller blinds and roller venetians.

  • Are there also window coverings available for skylights?

    For the most sold Velux ® , RoofLITE ® and Fakro ® skylights, you can choose a skylight roller blind. On the packaging of the product, you can find for which skylight the window covering is suitable. 

  • How often does the Decosol collection change?

    The collection is kept up-to-date with the latest trends from the interior industry. Therefore, you will always have the most modern window coverings for your interior.

  • How long is the warranty for a purchased Decosol product?

    From the date of purchase, you have a three year warranty on your product. Your receipt is your warranty certificate.

  • On which side is the operating mechanism?

    For roller blinds and vertical blinds, you can choose the operating side (left or right). For roller venetians, the operating side is standard on the right, but if preferred, this can be changed to the left. The operating mechanism of roman shades is also on the right hand side of the product. 

    For venetian blinds, the tilt and turn bar is located on the left and the pull up cord is on the right.